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Consumers Win With Supreme Court Ruling

Statement of NJPIRG State Director Jen Kim on U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Health Reform Law
For Immediate Release

“Today’s decision is good news for consumers in New Jersey. Insurance companies can’t go back to the days of dropping your coverage once you become ill, or denying coverage to sick children. And beginning in 2014, the days of insurers being able to deny anyone coverage for “pre-existing conditions” will be history.”

“Now it’s time for New Jersey‘s leaders to move forward on the next steps, and we look forward to working with Gov. Christie to make sure health reform delivers lower costs and better quality coverage.”

“New Jersey can now move full steam ahead with our new health insurance exchange. Done right, the exchange will be a competitive marketplace where consumers and small businesses leverage their buying power to get a better deal on coverage.”

Defend the CFPB

Tell your senators to oppose the “Financial CHOICE Act,” which would gut Wall Street reforms and destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as we know it.

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