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NJPIRG Decries Nuclear Subsidy In New Jersey Energy Bill

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Statement by Emily Rusch, Vice President of the Board for New Jersey PIRG:

"As happy as we are about New Jersey’s new commitment to clean energy, ratepayers have at least three billion reasons to be skeptical about the nuclear subsidy passed last week. Imagine what three billion dollars could do when invested in infrastructure that would benefit New Jersey for generations to come. Instead, ratepayers are extending the problem-filled lifespan of an unsafe, outdated energy technology."

"Adding insult to injury, the nuclear subsidy will proceed with minimal public scrutiny or accountability, and with no firm end date. Over the past two years Exelon has extracted similar subsidies in New York and Illinois -- but even those subsidies had an expiration date. With plans like the one New Jersey just committed to, the subsidies may never end."

"California has a plan for a cleaner, safer energy future that ramps up efficiency and clean energy instead of pouring more ratepayer money into propping up outdated technologies. New Jersey should follow suit."

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