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NJPIRG Urges Governor Christie to Invest in Outreach For New Healthcare Options

Statement of Jen Coleman, NJPIRG Advocate, on Exchange Funding
For Immediate Release

Newark—“Hello, I'm Jen Coleman, Advocate with NJPIRG, and I want to thank everyone for being here today. NJPIRG is a non-profit, non-partisan consumer advocacy organization that represents thousands of citizen members across the state. We work to protect public health, promote good government and a fair democracy.

NJPIRG worked alongside our coalition partners to fight for the establishment of the new health insurance exchanges. This new health insurance marketplace will enable individuals and small businesses to access to higher quality, more affordable care. These two groups previously lacked the negotiating power that large businesses have when shopping for plans. But now, they will have the power of the exchange on their side when seeking affordable coverage.

We’re already seeing millions in health care savings across the country as a result of the new exchanges. Two weeks ago, New York reported that rates on their exchange will be at least 50% lower on average than plans currently available. In California exchange premiums are 50% lower than projected, and reports for Washington, Oregon, and Vermont all show lower rates thanks to their state-based exchanges.

We are two months away from New Jersey’s health insurance exchange going live, and thousands of New Jerseyans who stand to benefit won't even know about their new, affordable options unless the Governor releases the funds for outreach and education. That's why we're here today on behalf of New Jersey's consumers, calling on Gov. Christie to use this money and help let people know that there are new, affordable options on the horizon.”

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