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Statement on Congressman Pallone's Bill to Regulate Arsenic and Lead in Juice

For Immediate Release

Statement of NJPIRG Program Associate Gideon Weissman on introduction of Congressman Frank Pallone's new bill `Arsenic Prevention and Protection from Lead Exposure in Juice Act of 2012' or the `APPLE Juice Act of 2012'.:


"New Jersey PIRG is thrilled that Congressman Pallone is taking action to protect children's health.  Apple juice is often the first drink that babies and toddlers drink after milk, so it is shocking that many juices contain high levels of arsenic and lead, which can increase the risks of developmental health problems and certain types of cancer.  Right now, children’s juice is less protected from toxic chemicals than bottled water.  The APPLE Juice Act will change that, and give children the protection they deserve.

This new legislation adds to Congressman Pallone’s legacy of working to protect children’s health.  In past years, he supported landmark bills to give the FDA the ability to recall dangerous food, and to help the Consumer Product Safety Commission keep toxic toys off of store shelves.

At a time when some special interest bills like the REINS Act and the Regulatory Accountability Act would destroy the ability of agencies like the FDA to protect American health, Congressman Pallone is fighting to keep American consumers healthy.  Congress should stand up for children’s health, and pass the APPLE Juice Act right away."


Press Release from Congressman Pallone:

NJPIRG "Protecting Consumers":


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